Meet Alejandra de la Torre, Lead Spanish Translator

Languages: English & Spanish

¡Hola! Hello! I’m Alejandra de la Torre, Lead Spanish Translator for Translations in Motion. I’m passionate about translating technical English texts into Spanish for many fields, including medical and legal. I’ve been a part of Translations in Motion for two years and a translator for over eight years. My main goal when working with you is to ensure you’re happy with the work I deliver, every time.

First Coffee, Then English to Spanish Translation

My days start with coffee. If there’s no coffee, it doesn’t count as a day. From there, I get to work translating English texts. These documents range from marketing materials to fiction manuscripts (one of my favorites).

For my clients who don’t speak Spanish, I understand how difficult it is to not be able to check the final translation I deliver. Before I get to work, I ensure I understand the scope of your project, so I can adapt to your needs. I do the necessary research on technical topics and I’ll check your website and branding to ensure your messages are accurate.

To make sure I’m on the right track, I’ll include questions and comments in your document to help you achieve an outstanding final result. My goal is to help you communicate seamlessly with those who need you the most.

Who Am I?

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela to Spanish immigrants. Now, I live in Madrid, Spain with my husband, Javier, a writer, voiceover artist and a crazy football fan. It isn’t just us. We also have a two-month-old ray of sunshine named Martina, born in the middle of a pandemic (that’s a story I can’t wait to share with her).

Now for Some Fun…

  • A fun fact others may not know about me: I’m a bit of a control freak who loves to plan dinner parties. Those two things work together quite nicely. I’ll spend weeks thinking about the menu I’ll offer, ensuring I make it as difficult as possible…even if it makes me suffer. I also have a food photography blog called “Cat on Table.”
  • Favorite book: I’ve always had a passion for literature, especially if it is Extraordinary Tales by Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Favorite movie: The Royal Tenenbaums by Wes Anderson.
  • Favorite drink: Did I mention coffee? And red wine.
  • Favorite music: Almost everything. Some of my favorites include David Bowie, Joaquin Sabina, The National and Juan Luis Guerra. My husband is most passionate about music, so he controls our record player.
  • Favorite travel spot: My main attraction when traveling is food. If there’s good food, you’ll have my heart.
  • Let me tell you a joke: Why did the math look so sad? Because of all its problems. I admit I had to Google that. I’m not good with jokes, but I’m good at laughing at them.

Let’s Talk About You. How Can I Help With Your Translation Needs?

I approach my work like I do cooking, with love and care. Just like cooking, communication brings families and friends closer together. I’d love for you to join our family here at Translations in Motion.

How can I help you communicate your message? Translations in Motion offers a wide range of translation services for businesses and individuals. To learn more about us or to get started on your project, give us a call at 833-876-7528 or send me an email.