Quality Interpretation Services for Individuals and Businesses

Translations in Motion has one goal: To improve communication among people, period. Our interpretation services do just that by providing methods ranging from face-to-face interpreting to phone support. Whether you need Spanish-to-English interpretation or American Sign Language, we’ve got you covered.

Expert Interpretation: Conveying the Right Message in the Right Tone

Accurate interpretation requires a skilled interpreter who can convey the right message using the right tone. There are many variables at play, including industry jargon, attitude, the issue at hand, dialect and more. With years of experience, our interpreters accurately convey your message, ensuring clarity for all involved.

Interpretation Services in Over 75 Languages

We offer interpretation services in over 75 languages, including:

Interpreters With Backgrounds in Your Industry

Our team includes interpreters with backgrounds in specific industries such as:

Their experience ensures you receive accurate interpretation, every time, no matter the subject.

Interpretation FAQs

What Is Interpretation?

Interpretation is the process of rendering a spoken or signed message (source) into another spoken or signed language (target). It also means ensuring the original meaning and tone is kept intact. For example, you may need a Spanish interpreter to interpret a message into English or vice versa.

How Does Interpretation Work?

Interpretation comes in two forms: simultaneous and consecutive. Simultaneous interpretation is used when an interpreter converts the message into another language in real time while speech is happening. This is ideal for speeches and is the kind of interpreting people think of when talking about the UN.

Consecutive interpretation occurs when the speaker pauses between sentences or thoughts, allowing the interpreter to interpret a section at a time. Consecutive is best for things like conversations between an attorney and client or a job interview.

Translations in Motion offers both forms of interpretation to our clients. We’ll evaluate which service is best for your needs and find an interpreter who fits.

What Are the Benefits of Accurate Interpretation?

Interpretation is critical for communication when two different languages are at play. Accurate interpretation preserves cultural differences, dialects and nuances to ensure the message is clear.

Interpretation provides patients with clear health guidance in the medical industry. It ensures attorneys communicate the next steps appropriately. It makes communicating with new employees simple. The benefits are truly endless.

Call On Us for Accurate and Affordable Interpretation Services

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