Chinese Interpretation & Translation Services by Translations in Motion

Chinese culture is prevalent throughout the US and the world as a whole. Translations in Motion offers Chinese interpretation and translation for individuals and businesses to improve communication.

Chinese Is the 3rd Most Common Language in the United States

Over 3 million individuals throughout the US speak Chinese at home, making it the third most common language after English and Spanish. Chinese is also the third most common language in various states, including Washington, Utah, Missouri, Arkansas and New York.

There are various unique dialects within the Chinese language. These dialects include:

  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese
  • Gan
  • Kejia
  • Min
  • Wu

Most of our clients need Mandarin or Cantonese. One of the most fascinating parts of the Chinese language is the number of tones involved in each dialect. For example, the Mandarin dialect includes four tones while Cantonese features six tones. While this may sound confusing to those unfamiliar with these dialects, our team of translators and interpreters have experience in various Chinese dialects to ensure smooth communication.

Chinese spoken and written languages are different. The written languages include Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Pinyin. Not sure which one you need? We can help.

Chinese Interpretation & Translation Services

Our mission is to bridge communication gaps, regardless of language. That’s why we offer Chinese interpretation and translation services for individuals and businesses throughout the Carolinas, South Florida and Minnesota.

Our Interpretation Services

Through interpretation, we translate your spoken word. Our interpretation services are offered in consecutive and simultaneous, depending on your needs.

  • Legal: We assist attorneys and other legal professionals with support both in-office and in the courtroom.
  • Medical: Our interpretation services are perfect for healthcare organizations, physicians and care teams who must communicate medical information to staff and patients.
  • Hospitality: We serve hotels, restaurants and other hospitality services with interpretation to help them provide quality customer experiences.

Our Translation Services

Whether you’re a business who requires translated marketing materials or an individual who needs a translated birth certificate, we can help. With translation services in over 75 languages, including Chinese, you can trust us to help you bridge your communication gaps.

Call Our Team Today for Expert Chinese Translation & Interpretation

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