Terms & Conditions

1.             Terminology

a.             Translation – the process of translating words or text from one language into another.

b.             Interpreting – translate orally or into sign language the words of a person speaking a different language.

i.              Consecutive Interpreting – the interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker has finished speaking. The speech is divided into segments, and the interpreter sits or stands beside the source-language speaker, listening and taking notes as the speaker progresses through the message. Consecutive interpretation is “stop-and-start.”

ii.             Simultaneous Interpreting / Conference Interpreting – the interpreter translates the message in the target-language as quickly as he or she can formulate it from the source language, while the source-language speaker continuously speaks. In the ideal setting for oral language, the interpreter sits in a sound-proof booth and speaks into a microphone, while clearly seeing and hearing the source-language speaker via earphones. Simultaneous interpretation is “continuous.”

c.             Estimate – a written statement indicating the likely price that will be charged for specified work

d.             Invoice – a list of goods delivered or services provided, with a statement of the sum due for these; a bill.

e.             Source Language – the language being translated from.

f.             Target Language – the language being translated to.

g.             Mileage – a number of miles traveled

h.             Travel Time – a number of minutes or hours traveled

i.              NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) – a contract by which one or more parties agree not to disclose confidential information that they have shared with each other as a necessary part of doing business together.

2.             Translation Services Explained – Translations in Motion, LLC is an ATA (American Translators Association) accredited translation agency. We are a TEP (Translate, Edit & Proof) agency. We do not use ANY machine translation and all of our translations are 100% human intellectual product.

a.             Storage & Safekeeping – all of our documents are kept in a secure and encrypted cloud vault

b.             Pricing

i.              Vital Records Documents – birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates, driver license, etc. are charged PER PAGE rate.

ii.             Other documents, including contracts, manuals, marketing materials, etc. are charge PER SOURCE WORD rate, unless the document presented is a copy and exact word cannot be established.

iii. Handwriting is assessed a 50% premium per page.

iv. Formatting – all translations will be returned in MS Word format, unless specifically discussed AND agreed to in writing with customer prior to start of translation. Additional charges may apply for formatting.

c.             Payment Terms

i.              Vital Records Documents – ALL Vital Records Documents should be paid IN FULL prior to start of translation.

ii.             Other documents

1.             Existing Customers – ALL documents require a 50% deposit prior to start of translation with the remainder paid IN FULL within 30 days of the start of translation.

2.             New Customers must pay their first invoice IN FULL prior to start of translation.

3.             Late Invoice – all invoices not paid within the Net 30-Day period will incur either a $25 or 5% late fee, whichever is greater.

3.             Interpreting Services Explained – Translations in Motion, LLC is an ATA (American Translators Association) accredited translation agency. Our employees and contractors are trained professional interpreters most of whom are native speakers. We do not employ someone just because they happen to be bi- or multi-lingual.

a.             Confidentiality – Our interpreters are held to the highest ethics and legal standards. We will not discuss ANYTHING outside of the interpreting appointment unless directed by a court of law. We are guided by all federal and state regulations regarding confidentiality:

i.              HIPAA: The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act protects the confidentiality and security of healthcare information contained in medical records and notes, as well as that disclosed during healthcare service, among other things (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). Interpreters assume the same responsibility as healthcare workers when interpreting in medical settings.

ii.             GLBA: The Financial Privacy Rule of the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act is an obligation of financial institutions (Federal Trade Commission). An interpreter must uphold the privacy agreement between a customer and a financial institution.

iii.            FERPA: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act applies directly to information contained in educational records that may identify a student personally (U.S. Department of Education). These records include those that are handwritten, typed, on video/audiotape or film, as well as digital images maintained by an educational agency or institution, or by a party acting on its behalf. Interpreters, especially during IEP related meetings, gain access to this protected information and must keep this information strictly confidential.

b.             Pricing

i.              In-Person Interpreting – requires AT LEAST 2 HRS minimum unless otherwise specified.

1.             Consecutive Interpreting – requires 1 interpreter

2.             Simultaneous Interpreting – If longer than 2 hrs requires 2 interpreters

3.             Over-the-Phone Interpreting – requires AT LEAST 1 HR minimum unless otherwise specified.

4.             Overtime, Weekend, Holiday, Early or Late Hours Interpreting – interpreting outside of the regular scope of work incurs a 50% premium, unless agreed otherwise.

5. Same or next day interpreting – incurs a 100% premium, unless agreed otherwise.

6. Interpreter Availability – We guarantee an interpreter or interpreters only for the hours contracted and paid. They MAY be available to stay on beyond the contracted hours, but it is not guaranteed. Any additional time required beyond the contracted hours will be subject to the interpreter’s availability and additional charges may apply.

7.             Payment Terms

a.             Deposit – a deposit of at least 100% of the set charges on the invoice is due at least 24 hrs prior to the start date.

b.             Remainder – the remainder of the invoice is due within 30 days of the start date.

c.             Late Invoice – all invoices not paid within the Net 30-Day period will incur either a $25 or 5% late fee, whichever is greater.

d.             Payment Portal – a client may pay using the following payment methods:

i.              Bank Transfer – from any US bank to our account with Wells Fargo

ii.             Check – drawn on any US bank

iii.            Credit / Debit Card – please note the we use a 3rd party credit processor and temporary hold charges, which may not have our agency’s name on your card statement (right away).

iv.            PayPal

e.             Cancellation and/or Postponement

i.              All hourly interpreting appointments with less than a 24 BUSINESS hrs notice will incur the hourly minimum charges.

ii.             For full-day appointments of 3 days or longer the entire fee is charged for any cancellation or postponement within 2 work days of the start date.

f.             Travel, Lodging and Meals

i.              Driving

1.             For driving distances under 25 miles per day a per mile fee is added equal to the IRS approved mileage rate

2.             For driving distance over 25 miles per day a travel time is calculated in addition to the mileage rate mentioned above.

ii.             Lodging –lodging, if needed, will be provided at the customer’s expense iii.            Meals – for all-day events, unless meals are provided, a per diem rate equal to the Federal Guidelines of IRS will be added.